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    • Building Quality for More than 40 Years - Jerusalem real estate 
      Hasid Brothers was established in 1973 and has since become a central pillar of private construction in Jerusalem. Hasid specializes in entrepreneurship, development and construction of high-quality and inspirational residential buildings. Throughout the years Hasid has built dozens of buildings in choice locations in Jerusalem, always focusing on quality, reliability, creativity in design, and personal and dedicated  association with
      .clients and partners
      If you are looking for jerusalem apartments for sale or Jerusalem real estate, especially new ones, you are invited to look at the apartments that were expertly and professionally built by Achim Hasid.
      Stable and Reliable
      Hasid Brothers is financially stable, thanks to equity and controlled economic management. Hasid conducts all its business in a fair and transparent manner, specifically expressed in its customers’ and partners’ satisfaction with its untarnished reputation. Hasid Brothers’ financial strength allows the company to successfully plan and construct high-quality and residential buildings, which are perfectly completed down to the very last detail, and on time.
      A Tradition of Excellence
      When the Hasid’s emigrated from Iran to Israel in 1963, as the family patriarch, Mr. Iyov Hasid’s last request was to build Jerusalem with dignity, honesty and reliability, while maintaining the beauty of the Jewish capital. Since constructing the first building in Bayit Vegan in 1967, these values continue to guide Hasid Brothers, which is headed today by Mr. Zion Hasid, one of the top contractors in Israel and a member of the Contractor’s Association in Jerusalem, together with many family members, children and grandchildren.