About Hasid Brothers Ltd.

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  • Hasid Brothers Ltd. is a family-owned company that has specialized in real estate for 40 years. Headed by founder Mr. Zion Hasid – the patriarch -who is one of the top contractors in Israel and a member of the Board of Directors of the Contractors Association in Jerusalem, the company specializes in the construction of luxury buildings and is responsible for many of the prestigious projects in the city.

    Construction at Hasid Brothers is constantly challenged by setting high standards at all stages– from choosing the location, through the quality of construction to providing the best service possible to its clients. Hasid Brothers Ltd. is a family owned-company whose roots are deeply entrenched in the soil of Jerusalem and whose work is devoted to developing the city.

    Zion Hasid, who immigrated to Israel in the 1960s, founded the company on a basis of integrity, fairness, Zionism and contribution to building the country. His three sons continue in his footsteps and have been trained in the construction industry. The Hasid Brothers’ vision combines quality construction, high standards, and personalized service that ensure to all buyers the calmness and security required when making such a purchase. The Hasid Brothers believe that a solid company must provide the ability to choose the perfect elements for creating a successful residential environment while examining the full picture before construction begins.

    Hasid Brothers chooses the location of its projects out of a long-term commitment to its customers. The plots are carefully selected, giving special attention to easy accessibility and availability, green landscaping and a peaceful environment. Hasid Brothers has constructed buildings in the most prestigious and sought-after locations in Jerusalem, including Talbia, Rehavia, Baka, the German Colony, Old Katamon, Malcha, Caspi, Modiin, and others.

    The company ensures a high standard of construction in materials and resources, and invested great efforts in creating a true mix of residents and providing personal services to clients throughout the construction process - even after the purchase. While benefiting from honesty, integrity and personal service, hundreds of satisfied residents have purchased homes from Hasid Brothers and will be happy to testify on their personal experience and success in choosing a Hasid Brothers’ home.